Nov 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great holiday, everyone. And enjoy your dinner, and desserts, and snacks, and drinks. I'm all about the gluttony today, even though I realize that it's a mortal sin.

And for those of you that are enjoying turducken, bless your tryptophan-slowed cholesterol-clogged hearts.


Nov 18, 2006

That's entertainment!

Broadway? Feh. Million-dollar blockbusters? Ptui. Literary works of art? Don't make me laugh.

If you want to be entertained, I mean truly entertained, there's only one place to be.

Watching Playstation 3 auctions on eBay.

By the way, now's the time to buy. They're only going for two grand now. I'm not being facetious. Yesterday they were going for 3-4 thousand, easy. I just saw one close out at $1500 and the reserve wasn't met.

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiime of the year...

Nov 9, 2006

Did I miss anything?

Sorry, constant reader(s), stress and laziness had conspired over the past month to keep me away from the blog. Naturally, I followed the elections, and I'm happiest for Nevsky, who now has a senator who doesn't stuff deer heads into people's mailboxes that we know of (oh all right, ALLEGEDLY).

I think this is win-win. Dems get a chance to lead, the Bush Admin gets a chance to govern like they lied about in 2000, and your neoconservative ultra right-wing politicians and pundits get to do what they do best: criticize, whine, babycry, and scream about manufactured outrages.

So, on to other things. Seen any PS3 lines in your area?