Oct 9, 2006

Odds and sods...

* First it was the spinach, now it's the lettuce. Jesus, maybe we'd be better off eating Pop-Tarts. Never mind, turns out that they burst into flames.

* The Geek-a-Cycle is truly a product whose time has come. But why is the article picking on bloggers? Is it because South Park already took the piss out of the WoWers?

* The universe may be oval-shaped. The world isn't round, either. Yep, it's shaped like a burrito!

* Hey, watch Tom Kean Jr. ignore the questions of mother of a solider in Iraq!

Oct 5, 2006

Of course, we knew this already.

But now there's a study to back it up; an Indiana University study says that The Daily Show is "just as substantive as traditional news programs like World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News".

I find it easy to believe. Sure, there may be more jokes (to clarify, intentional jokes), but at least they can get letters right.