Jul 1, 2008

Stupid video game shit staves off existential malaise!

*sigh* Coming off a cold and a failed job interview, so allow me to cheer myself up by reveling in subjects dear to my heart and those of many other perpetual adolescents:

* Diablo 3. I played version 2 of this sucker well into 2007, and version 3 looks like everything I loved about v2 jacked up to the nth degree and including World-of-Warcraft-esque jeancreaming boss battles. Sign me up whenever it's released...which is...whenever...

* Visited Nevsky this weekend and in between fawning over my niece and her too-ridiculous-to-be-believed adorableness, I put a lot of time in on his and his friend's video games. Boom Blox was a mixed bag, with the fun minigames being really fun and some others inspiring tedium. There were a lot of laughs as Nev almost succeded in psyching me out of a win by virtue of a shaky Wii hand. And then we switched to the Xbox and GTA4, which is immediately the greatest thing ever produced by human hands. In the first two minutes of playtime, I jacked a limo, ran over pedestrians, erupted in laughter at the spectacle, and managed to scare the hell out of everyone in the room.

* Another game I put a lot of time into was No More Heroes. While it's got a strong love-it-or-hate-it reaction amongst reviewers I'm firmly on the love-it side for its INSANELY fun combat, despite acknowledging obvious video flaws and collision issues.

I'll let Yahtzee do the rest...