Jun 26, 2008

Because we've been wronged, you see, and thus require some sort of retribution...

I was reading Ain't it Cool and saw that Howard Stern sidekick Beetlejuice could very well have a cameo in the next Transformers movie. But I was more interested when the title of the second movie was revealed to be Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

When you're called "the Fallen", doesn't that imply that something happened to you requiring revenge in the first place? Why not name the movie Revenge of the Vengeful? Revenge of the Revengers? It just seems clunky to me. Of course, that'll probably be the least annoying thing about the goddamn movie to start with.

I had the same problem with Revenge of the Sith because I had no idea what the Sith were getting revenge for. OK, maybe the Sith got wiped out or something in some big Star Wars continuity thing in one of the books I completely missed but it never seemed like what they were doing was revenge, but ascension. Revenge of the Jedi would have made more sense as a movie title back in 1983 but Lucas wussed out.

This is where my mind goes after a sleepless night before a job interview.