Nov 23, 2008

Hey, that was pretty good.

Thanks, Axl! I just listened to Chinese Democracy, so I don't have to buy it! Although honestly, if I'd probably be worth the money. At any rate, I have much, much, much worse albums in my collection.

Yeah, this was pretty damn good. Say what you want about the son of a bitch, but he still knows how to throw a song together. And although his voice is great, what makes this album a damned good listen is the guitar work. I don't know who did what (Bumblefoot, Robin Finck, and Buckethead are all credited if Wikipedia is to be believed), but the guitar work is much, much, much more interesting than Slash's basic bluesy jams, with Rage Against The Machine-esque screeching, Dream Theater-like chromatic chords and just flat-out shredding.

Of course, Axl could've recorded 45 minutes of fart noises and Hawaiian nose-humming and Rolling Stone would've given it three stars, but a four-out-of-five star review, although slightly high to me, is certainly understandable.

Shackler's Revenge, Better, and Catcher in the Rye stood out to me.

So. Next one in what, 2023?

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