Dec 23, 2005

Odds and sods (holiday edition)

* One of the things I love about America is that rich jerkoffs can have television shows where they act like rich jerkoffs and complain how hard it is to be a rich jerkoff and in the process, become richer and jerkoffier.

* Another thing I love about America is convenient 12 in 1 arcade machines. RUN, COWARD!

* A quick "Guess Who's Slimier": Alaskan senator/crybaby/pork-project-fetisher Ted Stevens, or baby penguin thieves?

Happy holidays to all, cause I'm just a happy holidays type of guy!

Dec 8, 2005

Happy holidays! That's right.

The so-called "war on Christmas" is one of the most tiresome things I've heard from punditry in a while, and that's saying a lot. Even Bush has been getting flack from religious groups for using holiday season cards instead of Christmas cards. Here's a guy who's done everything for zealots except hold revivals in the Oval Office, who'd put holy water in the drinking fountains if he could get a reasonable bulk price, and people are still giving him grief. It's enough to turn one to Festivus.

I celebrate Christmas myself, and enjoy it a great deal, don't get me wrong, but I've always been a "Happy Holidays!" guy. It just rolls of the tongue. And unlike "Merry Christmas!" which celebrates a day, "Happy Holidays!" is good for the whole holiday season, which is what, three months now?

Still, John Gibson is perfectly welcome to celebrate a traditional, non-secularized Christmas. Which means that on December 25th he'll be hunkered in a barn witnessing the birth of a Savio(u)r.

Oh, and he'd better have myrrh.