May 5, 2007

I ain't dead yet...

Oh, hello. Glad to be back.

It's been a long while, and I know my constant readers (both of them) were wondering why. Well, it's like this.

I've been a lazy prick.

That's about it, really. Some of it was life (downsized, repositioned, had that reposition REVOKED for no reason, then new job), and some of it was just that people do what I do much more consistently and much better (see any of the blogs linked), but most of it was good ol', 100%, all-American, flabby-assed laziness.

Well, I'm back. I'll try to keep it monthly. OK, bi-weekly or better...

A few odds and sods:

* Another reason I've haven't posted because I haven't been able to comment on politics without grabbing my head and groaning like Robert Vaughn in BASEketball. The veto was another of these moments. At least people aren't buying the bullshit as much anymore. Hopefully, everyone will work together, make our administration see reason*, and bring them home.

I've starred the hard part.

* Atrios said it best: One of the great mysteries of the universe is why wealthy people are unwilling to just hire drivers.

Right, Paris? I will concede, though, that she's DEFINITELY being thrown in jail cause she's a rich punk brat. OK, and a habitual drunk driver too.

Now do it to Axl and maybe he'll finish that goddamn album...

* Despite being a longtime Mac head, I had to update my circa-2000 computer, and this time I went PC. Little Gateway notebook, with Vista pre-installed. I've decided that Vista and Office are perfectly acceptable in a mediocre way, except for some annoying glitches with Word 2007 (Thanks for turning captions into TEXT BOXES, geniuses), and 2G of memory is a MINIMUM. Still, I'd like to see how Leopard is received, if it's good, I'll go back eventually.

But $500 for a telephone, no matter how cool, is bullshit.