Jan 11, 2007

OK, maybe it's going to be like this.

Try this on for size.


A president, faced with an unpopular war but unable to withdraw from it due to political concerns and fear of looking weak, announces a troop increase.

The opposition party, however, passes a resolution to cut off funding. The president vetoes the bill with grand fanfare and mass publicity, saying that although he knows the war is unpopular he'll be damned if a bunch of latte-slurping, panty-wearing, manicured metrosexuals and hairy-legged lesbos are going to endanger this great nation.

The bill goes back...but the veto is overridden. The president and his party scream that those yellow-bellied Ben and Jerrys scarfing surrender monkeys have infected enough Congresscritters with their liberal pheromones and although this plan would have ultimately succeeded he has no choice to abide by the Constitution, which he will do despite its will being subverted by a bunch of ivory-tower mushheads.

The soldiers come home, leaving Iraq a mess, which will happen anyway.

The opposition party is vilified by the media.

And in a room somewhere without video cameras, the president thanks the opposition party leaders for taking the political heat and allowing him to end the war without sacrificing his stature.



I wish.