Jan 15, 2007

Great saves in parenting history...

I was reading a Rush blog because, well, because they're my favorite band, and DON'T YOU JUDGE MEsorry, sorry, anyway, I came across this snippet:

The other day on the way home from preschool, my 4-year-old says to me "Dad, I want to listen to that one song after the long song [2112]." So I crank up A Passage to Bangkok. Then he asks me what the song is about. "Trains", I say. "The song is about trains."

That gave me a chuckle, because the song...well, it's not about trains.

It also reminded me about a similar save my mother made when I was a wee lad of seven. We were watching Saturday Night Fever (oh, relax, it was the PG version) and during a scene where Annette is trying to convince Tony she's ready to have sex, she pulls out a fistful of condoms.

"Mommy, what are those?" I asked.

Without missing a beat:

"Laundry tokens."

Hey, I was seven, I bought it.

Of course, nowadays, the kids are more sophistimacated...