Jan 13, 2007

About that iPhone...

Yup, I oohed and aahed when the iPhone was released, and although it's something I'd never buy save a lottery win, I definitely think it's a winner...with one misgiving.

It's not the price, sure, it's a lot, but price is one of those things you just accept from Apple, like black turtlenecks or backdating stock options. And if the iPhone operates like the simulated demos on Apple's site, then it'll be well worth the money; the technology and interface looks absolutely amazing, almost Minority Report-esque.

Here's the thing. I've dropped my cell phone. More than once. It's not like I fumble it down the stairs like a clumsy Clouseau-esque waiter, but it's taken some hits. That's not a big deal for me since my cell phone is worth about a sack of White Castles and a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

But it's another thing when your cell phone costs more than your car.

So, until I see the results of an Ars Technica smash test like they did with the iPod nano, my admiration of the iPhone and any iPhone-derived products will be from a good, safe distance.