Jan 15, 2007

Now shee, hic, we need univershal healthcare because*BURRRRP*...

I'd been getting emails from Drinking Liberally for some time, but never got around to making the twenty-minute trek to Morristown (yeah, I know, lazy me). But when I got word that they were starting one in Dover, a mere hop, skip, and a jump from me, I decided I would be stupid not to go.

The two times I've went I've enjoyed myself (though this month was lightly attended due to a big New Brunswick shindig). The people are all very friendly and outgoing, we had some good political and general discussions, and we even got an appearance from our Democratic candidate for Congress Tom Wyka. (He lost, but he did very well considering this area's as red as a baboon's tuckus and the representative of our district shares his name with a freaking ARBORETUM).

But even if everything I wrote in the previous paragraph was false, the two-dollar Yuenglings were enough to assure my continued attendance.