Jan 26, 2007

Ooh, BURN!

First it was Senator's Webb's amazing Democratic response to the SOTU (and Nevsky, hasn't Webb done more for Virginia's image in two months than Allen's done ever?) Now, House Speaker Pelosi gets a good shot in.

When I was on the Hill on Tuesday, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) told us (on the record) the rest of the story. Apparently, Pelosi's final come-back to the president was the following:
PELOSI: He's tried this two times — it's failed twice. I asked him at the White House, 'Mr. President, why do you think this time it's going to work?'

BUSH: Because I told them it had to.

PELOSI: Why didn't you tell them that the other two times?

Hey, I would much prefer it if Bush's small heart would grow three sizes and he'd work with the opposition party to try and have a real plan for Iraq that could do the best with a terrible situation and bring our troops home as soon as possible.

But since that won't happen, I'll take the cheap shots.