Jun 1, 2005

I'll have a wistful double espresso, with a shot of politics.

Any leftist blog followers have probably heard of TPMCafe.com by now, the new blog by the author of Talking Points Memo. They scored about as major a coup in this field as I can imagine by getting former Senator John Edwards as a guest blogger for the site's opening week. Unfortunately, Senator Edwards is only vice president of the world in my head, a happy world with rainbow trees and ice cream clouds where prancing purple penguins pour people Grey Goose vodka martinis.

Reading the Senator's blog entries and his request for discussion on economic issues is a refreshing change from the current vice president blowing off Amnesty International.

Yep, I'm still on the bitter bus. I don't even know what the 2008 presidental race will be like. I just can't imagine any sane person wanting this job after Moron and Sauron leave this country in the same shape that Mr. Creosote left his restaurant table.

Oh well. Back to the happy world in my head. Oh, thanks for the martini, Percival...