May 24, 2005

"This...may be the worst idea since Greedo firing first."

Now I know the new Star Wars has got everyone excited, but really, kids, let's play safe, all right?

Two Star Wars fans are fighting for their lives after a home-made lightsabre blew up in their faces.

Mark Webb, 20, and 17-year-old Shelley Mandiville were hurt as they set alight petrol poured into two fluorescent light tubes.

They were believed to have been filming the prank on video but it went terribly wrong when one device exploded.

Because, you know, swinging fluorescent tubes at each other isn't dumb enough, no, let's fill those bad boys with flaming gasoline.

For a frame of reference, if the stunt you're trying is something that backyard wrestlers wouldn't do, then it's probably dangerous.

At least they didn't go see Kill Bill.