May 11, 2005

A lot of people in my neighborhood might soon be really pissed off.

A local issue has popped up, apparently the Picatinny Arsenal (in Morris County, NJ, a few miles from where I live) may be recommended for closing on Friday. Without debating the necessity of the base and whether it should be closed or not (and ignoring the cognitive dissonance inherent in closing up to 20-25% of domestic military bases while increasing military spending), I will say that if it is closed, it is going to hit this local area hard, and not just economically, although the economic impact will be immediate (over 4000 jobs).

This is a red pocket in an otherwise blue state which has sent quite a few of its people overseas. I've seen banners welcoming home some of them on Route 80. The ribbon magnets here are taken pretty damn seriously. Closing the arsenal will not sit well here, to say the least.

And while the liberal wussy-boy in me might want less money for the military, just living close to a base makes me realize the number of people who depend on it. I do not envy the people who have to make these decisions.