May 15, 2005

Odds and sods...

* As a completely uselessly pseudo-creative dreamer, I envy the speed of which entrepreneurs can crank out crap based on news fads. I've got to start sharpening my Photoshop skills so I can turn around a Cafepress store within the next day when another distraction hits the mainstream.

* As the flowery prose indicates, I picked up Haunted, the latest by Chuck Palahniuk. Really just weird grotesqueries, without a whit of character development. This is a good thing.

* Sorry to hear that Nevsky got ripped off by Echo and the Bunnymen at the HFStival. Hmph. It wasn't cool when Axl did it, and they were at least popular at the time.

* The TWoP forum mirrors my opinion of the Enterprise finale. In the eighteen years of the new Trek in its various incarnations, there was no bigger signal of a crap episode than the holodeck, except maybe the Voyager opening theme.

* Looks like some biochemical engineers have been reading their Palahniuk.