May 22, 2005

"In your face, Grim Reaper!" "Lousy, ineffective Reaper..."

As if I'm not in enough geek heaven with the new Star Wars film, this Slashdot article mentions that Futurama might be coming with new episodes straight to DVD. The real article is Slashdotted for now, so I'm not sure what this entails yet, but if Matt Groening wants to separate me from my cash, this will sure as hell do it.

Update: Got Futurama? is now accessible on a hit or miss basis, and it's been updated with a post from Billy West himself indicating that preliminary negotiations at Fox have started concerning one or more direct-to-DVD movies. Of course, everything's still early and it could fall through, but if it does come to pass it would be more fun than a barrel of super-atomic mutants.