May 25, 2005

Chain chain, chain...

The following music questionnaire, to which I supply my pasty, geekified answers, is thanks to Your Right Hand Thief.

Total size of music files on my computer:876.5 megs. A mere 175 songs.

Last CD I bought was: Man, I think I've given away more CDs than I've bought this past year. Probably Feedback, by Rush.

Song playing right now: I'll let Progged Radio decide! Let's see, Confronting the Devil, by James LaBrie's Mullmuzzer? Sheesh. I shouldn't have let Progged Radio decide. No iPod, or any MP3 player, BTW. It'd take a $500 computer upgrade to handle a $60 MP3 player.

Five songs that mean a lot to me (one per band):

Rush, "Natural Science": About 30 Rush songs could've gone here, but this one goes long, has a killer odd-time riff, plenty of four-syllable words, and a plea for artistic integrity. Works for me.

Primus, "Spegetti Western": My all-time favorite college song. Also a radio staple for road trips at that age. Ah, memories.

King's X, "Picture": I've been this song's bitch for nine years.

R.E.M., "Fall on Me": And I've been this song's bitch for nineteen years.

Radiohead, "Paranoid Android": God loves his children, yeah!

And to whom I'll pass it on, let's see, war2k, John Keegan dot org, G.D. Frogsdong, shari at An old soul..., and let's see if this can bring The Granite Blog back to us.