May 31, 2005

Say, would you like to discuss Metroid Prime cheat codes over a drink?

As pathetic as that line my sound (and that's actually an IMPROVEMENT over my usual pickup lines), for all I know it might work at the uWink Media Bistro, an upcoming restaurant chain by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell. The concept is:

Imagine a Chuck E. Cheese for grown-ups—with booze and Caesar salads instead of balloons and singing animatrons. Bushnell has built "party tables" where six customers can play each other in the same game, and tournaments where diners in any of the restaurants in the chain can compete against each other...

The first store is opening this fall in Los Angeles, but if one opened on the East Coast, I'd be willing to give it a shot, since I already dig Dave and Busters, and this sounds somewhat similar. I wonder if they'd do pub games (pool, darts) as well. Or maybe huge kiosks for Dance Dance Revolution, that'd be real fun after a couple of Mind Erasers.

Not so sure if I'd try the restaurant-wide tourneys, I'd probably not impress any potential date after some nineteen-year-old kid 0wnz me in MechAssault 2.

P.S. BTW, here's Metroid Prime cheat codes.