Dec 6, 2004

Yep, just what I expected.

I posted a whiny entry about a month ago about how I was being billed for an emergency room procedure that my insurance company had paid and my frustration over the fact that I sent the billing office the insurance statement and they still hadn't cleared it. It ended with me sending the statement again and then waiting for the bill again.

And guess what I got in the mail today? No, not a flyer for the new Rush Limbaugh book, "If You Grind Up OxyContin And Put It In Chocolate Milk, It Tastes Like Yoo-Hoo."

Yep. Another bill.

I've heard from friends who worked in the industry or are familiar with the workings of insurance companies that when billing errors occur like this usually they'll just send the bill in the hopes that the customer will pay up anyway, and I'll admit, when this was first going on (say, back in June), the thought did cross my mind.

But, I'll call again, send the bill again, and I'll have a blog entry for January when the same crap goes on.

And if it keeps up, hey, maybe I'll get a novel out of it.