Nov 29, 2004

"Well they call me the working man, I guess that's what I am..."

Well, my first day at my new job was about as painless as these things go, so I'm pretty jazzed. The people were friendly and accomodating, I was able to get started with work right away, the cafeteria rocks, and I'm going against the NYC traffic. I'm pretty damn happy right now.

And in terms of goofy nerdness, I really dug the Flavia coffee machine, which is a cartridge-based system (when did they start making coffee machines like inkjet printers, reliant on their own custom coffee-packs?). I was so taken by it that it didn't even matter that the coffee was weaker than wet tissue paper. (To be fair, the strongest blend was passable, and I admittedly enjoy coffee that can warp spacetime.)

So all in all, a winning day. Man, I'd forgotten what it was like to look forward to work...