Nov 27, 2004

Hey, you dropped your quantum physics in my theology!

I ended up seeing a late-night showing of What The Bleep Do We Know?! in a theater that was apparently relying on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to cram two hundred people into a room the size of a shoebox. The pseudo-documentary relates basic principles of quantum physics, biochemistry, and pop psychology via interviews into a surreal story revolving around a neurotic photographer played by a game Marlee Matlin.

As a movie, it leaves a lot to be desired. The story is, well, poor, and seems more often than not to get in the way of the scientific concepts the movie wants to illustrate; an extended sequence in the middle of the movie is overly silly, and there are about four false endings.

In addition, I have a particular complaint: Armin Shimerman is in the movie, but has two freaking lines. You've got Armin Shimerman, whose most famous character was named QUARK, in a movie about QUANTUM PHYSICS, and you give him TWO LINES??!?!? Come ON.

I also was stunned to learn in the credits than in addition to the brilliant-beyond-reason physicists, biologists, and theologists in the movie, there is also, um, Ramtha. "One of these things are not like the other..."

However, I've got to admit this: The concepts that the movie explores are so brain-twisting and eye-opening that it's a great film for discussion. We were talking about it the next day for extended lengths of time, and for that reason alone, it's worth seeing.

Preferably as a DVD rental, with friends, and a good bottle of wine, watched early for conversations well into the night.

But really, guys, next time? More Armin Shimerman.