Nov 23, 2004

Secondary chocolate blogging (or, this is too good NOT to share)...

(Note: Primary chocolate blogging available at an old soul... or Thoughts That Get Stuck In My Head.)

When I went with my NYC friend to New Hampshire this weekend, my friend, who is cooler than me by, oh, an order of magnitude or so, brought a box of Jacques' Torres chocolates, and pointed out his website. (He also has a show on Food TV). There are some great recipes on his site, but the one that I'll probably try is hidden on his kids' page: Yummy Banana Hot Chocolate. I don't know if kids will get their parents to melt a Dove Bar in milk, but I'll sure as hell give it a shot.

Actually, since my local supermarket has a good ethnic aisle and has Mexican chocolate, I'll probably try making Mexican Hot Chocolate for the holidays.

I just have to remind myself that I'm supposed to lose weight.

(PS. BTW, I've dropped a few pounds and stopped taking that diet pill crap even though it didn't hurt; it's amazing how well you can do by sticking to human-sized portions).