Dec 5, 2004

Well, I guess it's a good idea in theory...

If I find an origami article, I'm going to post it and make wise-ass remarks. And when you think about origami, the first publication that comes to mind is Wired News. The December 4 article states:

Thailand, long struggling with violence in the southern, mainly Muslim portion of the country, is preparing for a "peace bombing" Sunday. Thai schoolchildren are loading 100 million origami birds onto Air Force planes, which will drop the birds in the south as a gesture of goodwill from the mostly Buddhist north.

Oh, that's sweet. Except...

Some in the south say the birds have no meaning in their tradition and the government is just dumping planeloads of trash.

But, they're turning a negative into a positive.

One southern province plans to recycle the birds into posters and is offering prizes to encourage residents to collect the birds, from a motorcycle for every 50,000 birds to a kilogram of sugar for 200.

Let's see, when I'm motivated I can probably fold a crane every two minutes, so let's say I can do 25 an hour (which is my limit), so that's 200 hours for the bike, eight for the sugar...nah, not worth it.

It does point out, though, that origami cranes, although adorable and with a moving story of peace behind them, don't actually do much to convince people to stop hating each other's guts. I think it's time for origami enthusiasts to start seeking other models to spread peace.

Like if we can get the Origami TIE Fighter to work...