Nov 2, 2004

Election blog update.

11:53 PM (Bush 246   Kerry 199)
CBS called Florida for Bush. They just interviewed Karen Hughes, who managed to keep her shit-eating grin down to almost respectable levels.

I think I've pretty much given up on getting any meaningful sleep tonight.

11:03 PM (Bush 219   Kerry 199)
Right now, unfortunately, the ball seems to be in Dubya's court. If the CNN returns on Florida are accurate, I think the only reason they're not calling it for Dubya is they're not counting early return/absentee. I don't know if that's the case or not.

Hey, you want INFORMED commentary, go to Kos. Or watch the Daily Show. What do you think, Dennis?

"I'd say you're doing about as well as David Duke at a Passover seder."

Shut up.

10:32 PM (Bush 196   Kerry 112)
I'm not even going to worry at this point; it'll be PA, OH, and FL that determines the race. Would like to see a little more blue on the map by midnight, just to ease the Kossacks' minds.

NJ ended up (80% reporting) 52-47 Kerry, which is closer than I expected. IMO it's because NJ is socially progressive that Bush didn't take it, even w/the history of Democratic scandals we've had locally (i.e. Bob Torricelli). I think Bush needs that evangelical portion to put him over the top, and it just isn't in NJ.

One thing I take heart is that Nader is proving to be less than a non-factor (you were right, Nevsky). Unfortunately, it means we can't pin the blame on him, either...

9:47 PM (Bush 171   Kerry 112)
Yeah, it's going to come down to the battleground states. New Hampshire is undecided still. I'm visiting friends in NH in a couple of weeks who are huuuuuuge Kerry supporters (hi, friends, if you're reading!); I hope I don't have to blame them like I did in 2000 (joke).

At least Obama won his Senate seat by a 4-1 margin.

9:09 PM (Bush 162   Kerry 112)
Well, I know the night's early, but I'm not enjoying this very much. Sopranos is on HBO 2, I'll catch that for now for a bit, maybe a catnap.

And unfortunately for my brother (of 2+2=5 fame), CNN called his district for the incumbent, Virgil "Isn't Very" Goode (R)...

8:18 PM (Bush 108   Kerry 77)
BTW, I'm going by CBS television electoral vote counts. They're talking about how "moral values" is turning out to be the big issue in the election. If "moral values" means "not letting homosexuals marry" instead of "not starting wars for bullshit reasons", then, frankly, I'm worried.

8:01 PM (Bush 80   Kerry 77)
For me, the big news is that Kerry took my home state, New Jersey. I thought NJ would stay blue, but there were so many news stories saying otherwise that I started to have doubts. It's like if hundreds of people keep telling you a lump of dogshit is actually a Chunky bar, you'll take a lick...and then realize, in disgust and horror, that it actually is a Chunky bar.

Anyway. I've got a feeling we'll won't hear about battleground states for a while. The media is gun-shy from four years ago.

7:31 PM (Bush 39   Kerry 3)
WV went to Bush right away. I dig CBS's "real-time" national vote count update. And whoever told Lesley Stahl her hairstyle looked good has a great sense of humor.

Oh, and I don't know WHY I thought I could do state listings like in the last post. I almost thought for a minute that I wasn't lazy...

7:07 PM (Bush 34   Kerry 3)
No surprises so far, though it's interesting that Virginia hasn't been called right away.
Bush: GA, KS, IN
Kerry: VT

6:40 PM (Bush 0   Kerry 0)
Got my computer and TV on, I wonder how long it'll be before I zonk out.

Hey, NYC-area readers (if there are any); has anyone had problems listening to Air America recently? I've found that the signal's competing w/a wingnut station over the past week, and it said it was from Fort Wayne. AS IN FORT WAYNE, INDIANA? I'll ask on Kos once the traffic dies down, but it makes you wonder...

4:19 PM (Bush 0   Kerry 0)
Well, I'm not promising anything at this point, because I'm lazy, but I'm going to try and do periodic election updates w/commentary. Helping me out will be Yuengling and Dennis Miller.

"Babe, I'm more excited than Noriega with a lifetime pass for free dermabrasion."

Shut up.