Nov 1, 2004

Some post-Halloween thoughts...

All right, tonight and tomorrow I'm going to be in sweaty, fearful Election Day mode, both in real life and on the blogosphere, so I'll just chip in with a couple of things I've always liked about the day after Halloween.

1. The post-Halloween candy deluge in the office. I'm running around picking up what I can find (and will bring my own leftover candy in the office as well, I forgot today). I picked up Starburst, then put them back when I realized that all they do is rip out fillings and give me TMJ. Someone brought in bakery goods: fudge-iced brownies topped with gobs of ooey-gooey peanut butter, and I lunged for that like Dubya did for keggers at Yale. "Oh, a fair is a wonderful smorgasbord, smorgasbord, smorgasboard..."

2. The official start of the "holiday" season. Why call it the Christmas season when consumer greed is universal throughout all peoples on this bright blue marble floating in space? Yeah, yeah, corporeal proof of God's covenant, yadda, yadda, screw that, put in your Nintendo DS and whatever-the-hell-it-does Elmo orders NOW, because if you don't get them, your kids won't love you.

Well, they won't.