Oct 21, 2004

Steve, you sure about this?

In my review of the new Apple Store that opened on Saturday in my local mall, I made mention of the special cashier stations and how they looked like something out of 1970s science fiction. Turns out I was slightly off; those cashier stations were self-service.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the new store is the two self-service check-out stations about half-way back into the store, mounted in either wall. The stations are intended to allow busy customers to simply grab their merchandise off the shelf, scan the barcode, and use a credit or debit card to complete their own purchase.

However, during the grand openings, the stations weren't available for customer use, since the necessary touch-screen software hadn't been installed. So, store employees used the "easy pay" stations to process purchases during the grand opening, leaving the promise of self-service for a future time.

Jeez, I'm not sure about that. They seem to be taking out all of the self-service cashier stations in my neck of the woods; I clearly remember the local Kmart and A&P had them, then got rid of them (I'm guessing for security and/or technical reasons), which pissed me off because I would've definitely used them to buy the more embarassing personal items.


So, I'm not sure if these are the best things for software.

Then again, they are in the back of the store, and I would imagine you'd need an employee to get you started.

Besides, if you wanted to steal software, you could just download it off the Internet(s)...