Oct 17, 2004

"Hello, hello, hellooooooooo..."


I post as sixthdoctor on Kos and various sites, even though I look nothing like Colin Baker nor do I share his impeccable dress sense. I've finally decided that I can yammer consistently enough to start a blog, so, here it is (with a minor name change since I'm the last person in America to start a blog).

And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaaayyyyyy.

As to what to expect, well, I've thought of the following baseline:

Start with my brother's blog, 2+2=5.

Remove the corgi and Russian literature references.

Add origami in its place.

Increase the geekiness by about 75%.

Swearing remains the same within acceptable limits of standard deviation.

On second thought, make that geekiness increase to 80%.

Political content should remain close to the same, but exchange any sort of well-meaning debate and information with cheap jokes.

OK, then, onward into the void...