Oct 24, 2004

On second thought, this could work...

While I was browsing my local Target yesterday, I went out of the way to check out their books section to see if they carried America: The Book unlike their gutless competitor. They did, but I saw something that caught me off guard: a pop-up adaptation of Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

The more I think about it, though, the more it makes sense. First, if you're going to pop-upify one of SK's novels, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is a pretty good choice (I would've picked Eyes of the Dragon myself). Second, what with Lemony Snicket and the consistent underlying horror that plagues our lives these days, a King book for toddlers is probably not that horrifying in the global scheme of things.

Still, I'd like to see them try it with Lovecraft.

"And with a wink of his three-lobed burning eye, Yog-Sothoth cast the unfortunates in the beyond-eternal soul agony of The Hell Of A Thousand Bleeding Screams.

Pull here to watch the souls writhe in torment."