Oct 26, 2004

My local hospital is not part of the reality-based community.

I received yet another hospital bill yesterday; last February a neighbor's dog mistook my hand for a Pup-peroni and took a little chunk out of it. No permanent damage, three stitches, my distraught neighbors covered everything insurance didn't and it's all fine.

Except the hospital keeps sending me bills for the ER treatment, despite the fact that my insurance paid them already.

And I would give them the benefit of the doubt, except I faxed them a copy of the bill last month, and still, still, STILL they claim it hasn't been received.

I know, in the total perspective of the universe this is pissy and nit-picking, and it will definitely get resolved. It occurred to me though that this experience is similar in nature to how Democrats must feel when seeing that polls indicate a close election at best, and a Bush lead at worst.

Somewhere, there is a fundamental disconnect between the American people's perception of the current administration, and the reality that our nation is being run into the sewer.

I wish I could explain it. But instead, I'm making copies of my bills in preparation for next month's hospital phone call.