Apr 6, 2005

But the crappy TV show bearing its name went on for far too long...

An intrepid Slashdotter caught this one: the Voyager project could very well be cancelled, due to (all together now!) budget cuts in the division.

This definitely is twisting the technorati's collective nipples, because the two spacecraft are on the verge of the heliopause, the solar system's boundary, and scientists are chomping at the bit to get any data they can, since, well, there aren't any other deep-space probes planned. And the Voyagers WILL get there, but if they get there after October 2005 (the proposed end date), there might not be anyone listening.

The final decision will be on April 15th.

For the record, the cost for funding the program each year is $4.2 million dollars...or approximately what it cost for four minutes and forty-six seconds of Batman and Robin.