Apr 2, 2005

Just saw Sin City...

...and man, that was the weirdest Merchant-Ivory flick I've ever seen.

I've never read the graphic novels it was based on, but I did read Frank Miller's Batman series, and I can't imagine a more faithful rendering of a Miller graphic novel in movie form than what I saw. Not a classic, but certainly kept me enthralled, and comic book or film-noir fans, I'd imagine, will be enthralled as well.

Basically the dialogue was comic-booky, so it's hard to judge the acting, but the heroes were hard-boiled, the ladies were tough and stunning, and the villians were creepy. And Elijah Wood managed to out-creepy the ubercreepy Nick Stahl in this one, which is high praise.

But...people brought their kids to see this. WHY? Was The Ring Two sold out? Saw unavailable at the local Blockbuster? Man...this was as hard an R as you can get.