Mar 28, 2005

Food, gloriousAHHHH!!!! MY VENTRICLES!!!

Given this blog's love of all foods delicious and craptacular, you just knew I had something to say about BK's new Enormous Omelet Sandwich.

My verdict? Take away the mule-choking size (730 cals, 47 g fat), and I'm very unimpressed.

First, American cheese? You couldn't spring for cheddar? Come on.

Second, while the two meats (bacon and sausage) are the most interesting aspect, I can't see how that would taste anything but overpowering. How much better would the sandwich taste if you dropped a meat and replaced it with, say, a layer of crispy hash browns?

Would I get this? Maybe once, for shock value, but why? I can make a much tastier and probably deadlier breakfast sandwich in my sleep (Example: fried egg, Taylor pork roll, muenster cheese, and Tabasco sauce on a Jersey-fresh onion bagel), so what's the point?

My advice for BK: drop this, pay Fox the licensing fee, and break out the Simpsons' Good Morning Burger:

We take eighteen ounces of sizzling ground beef, and soak it in rich,
creamery butter, then we top it off with bacon, ham, and a fried egg.
We call it the Good Morning Burger.

Now that's good eatin'.

Postscript: Another thing, the name stinks. I thought of two better names in the space of a minute.

1) The BK Breakfast Bowel Blaster.

2) Deus Egg Machina.

This is the crap I think about during 24 commercials...