Mar 20, 2005

Sacrilicious chocolate blogging...

While in the candy aisle of the local supermarket, amidst the various chocolate eggs, bunnies, and Marshmellow Peepseses, I saw...chocolate candy crosses. I don't remember seeing those before, but I imagine they've been around for awhile. Of course, I never got one as a kid, because my family' should I put this?...not insane.

But naturally, once the border separating confectionery and religious icons was erased in my mind, in a matter of minutes I had designed the Ultimate Chocolate Crucifix. Complete with Strawberry Stigmata and a yummy little Crown of Toffee Thorns. And if you buy one, you get a coupon for a free one three days later!

But then again, do I really want a pissed-off Mel Gibson after me?

Besides, it's probably already been done, but I don't have the balls to Google it.