Feb 8, 2005

Betcha budgies'd balance better budgets...

I haven't really blogged about Captain Cokespoon and his merry band of smug incompetents because there are thousands of blogs that take the time to do it well and back it up with...wait a minute...

[checks dictionary]

...facts. However, I heard a report about the new budget on CBS Newsradio that stunned me.

The education cuts apparently also affect vocational schools.

Now, come on. I mean, you expect this administration to go after the liberal ivory-tower eggheads and the poor, but now they're making it harder for people to learn a trade? It's not as if people all can find baseball teams to own or get companies from their daddy's contacts.

And I thought this was something new and different but apparently it's a trend.

Oh, and if you're going to call it a wartime budget, how about including the $80 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan? Granted, disingenuousness isn't a hallmark of any single political party, but this administration doesn't even put the effort forth to work up a good lie.

It's enough to bring budgies to booze...