Jan 6, 2005

Hey, Steve Jobs, paint it black and red and get Bono to sign it and you can charge a grand!

It's Macworld time!

Next Tuesday, Mac addicts will sit at their workplace-mandated PCs during their lunch hour and anxiously try to get a streaming Quicktime feed to see the Steve Jobs keynote, where traditionally he debuts a slew of hot new Apple products never before seen by the human eye...

...unless you read the myriad of Mac rumor sites, or in a famous 2002 incident, Time Magazine, which blew the intro of the new LCD iMac.

The hot rumor this year is that Tuesday will be the day that Apple releases a "headless iMac", a cheap desktop computer without an integrated monitor, something Mac fans have been clamoring for since...oh, 1998. This has been something that management has been loath to do in the past, fearing it would cannibalize sales of their iMac and G5 desktops.

(Aside: They're dead right. I've been banging on my iMac for going on five years because of upgrade costs. I'd have probably gone for the iBook next time around, but I'd be on a $499 Mac like Flavor Flav on Brigitte. Figuratively.)

The change in attitude is apparently due to the iPod, which has been such a success for PC users that now Apple feels it can sweep up some users this way.

So, I'll be refreshing the live feeds to see what happens. Hopefully, it'll be such a success, that it'll get the Civ III people to release their expansion packs for the Mac.

Hey, being a geek is respected in some circles. A few circles. A few stagnant, Cheez Doodle residue-encrusted circles.