Sep 18, 2006

Hey, why is this Madonna video 40 seconds long and pixel-blurred?

Saw an article about how Walmart is trying to get into the movie-download business, following on the "success" of their online music store. Here's wishing them a spectacular, money-spewing failure.

Maybe it's because I got my computer during the Clinton administration, but I'm not sold on movie downloads, just because with Netflix and other services DVD rentals seem to be a lot cheaper and more convenient. For what it's worth, I checked out the new iTunes on a computer that could handle the download and it crashed repeatedly. And what's with this iPod phone? Music players and phones should be separated! And all these new-fangled video games? My Atari 2600 had 128 bytes of RAM, by cracky, and if'n t'annoyed George Plympton, well, that's good enough for me.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to fix my Geritol/Ensure breakfast smoothie...