Sep 3, 2006

Destroying our security, one wallet at a time.

Meager output aside, I think I've accurately depicted two key personality traits: one, I'm a huge nerd, and two, I have nothing but contempt for credit card companies and predatory lenders who target the poor and desperate like a raccoon searching for fresh offal.

(And yes, I'm aware that the previous statement conflicts with my love of gambling. I guess I'm a hypocrite in that sense, but I'm in good company.)

At any rate, the recent USA Today report about the increasing number of army personnel having debt problems due to loan centers is disturbing not from just an economic standpoint, from a military standpoint. Soldiers in debt can lose their security clearance (logic is they are subject to bribes, which makes sense), and therefore can't be deployed.

Full Pentagon report is here.

See how your senator voted with the failed Durbin amendment to the bankruptcy bill, which would've put a military exception in, here.

Just another example of how it's expensive to be poor...