Jul 8, 2006

You want to read something REALLY scary?

I was checking out the website of Adam-Troy Castro, one of the guys on my reading list and generally one of my more-liked authors. Haven't read much of his, but what I have read (i.e. Clearance to Land, Playing With Dogs, Locusts) has kicked the crap out of me, in a good way.

He posted a short story called My Sex with Ann Coulter.

I know what you're thinking, ha-ha, how cute. No.

Let me tell you, this is some warped shit. This would make Stephen King cry and Chuck Palahniuk gag.

This one, might, just might, mind you, make the Rude Pundit blink.

If you check it out, as Harlan Ellison once wrote, don't thank me for the tip.