Jun 13, 2005

Odds and sods (celeb edition)...

I've been lazy with the blogging, so I'll work back in with something real easy, assorted celebrity ridiculousness.

* If I'm ever in trouble, I want this guy's lawyer. And if I were Michael's friends/family/business associates, I'd check him in for therapy and sell everything kid-related while he's gone. The next time he's at trial, he'll get convicted just on general principles.

* Read this headline: Report: Paris Hilton to retire in 2 years

Now, was your reaction the same as mine: Don't you have to have a fucking job in order to retire?

* Fact #4,602 indicating I'm out of touch: I know the name Katie Holmes, and I know she's an actress, but I couldn't tell you one thing I've seen her in, and I have no idea why I should care that she's switching to Scientology. From Catholicism. That's really going to piss off Pope Sidious.