Apr 13, 2005

"You don't know anything about Christianity!" "I know enough to exploit it."

Just FYI, I'm fairly active in a nice liberal Presbyterian church (they're especially liberal politically, which is fun, because you can get sweet old ladies to mutter pseudoswears under their breath when you mention Lord Voldemort), so I've got nothing against Christ per se.

But could we give all this pop Christianity a break, please? I'm not just talking about the debut of Carnivale for Dummies, there's also this crap which I know will piss off Nevsky, plus anyone else who knows their Boogie Down Productions.

Look, I've got nothing against violent apocalyptic battles. I'm catching Revenge of the Sith. I'm just TV-Christianed out. At least mix it up with some other religions. Maybe they can throw a Buddhist on Trading Spaces, or air the rarely-seen 1994 special It's the Baha'i Faith, Charlie Brown.

BTW, Christianity exploits can't get better than the Buddy Christ, Stryper, or this site.