Feb 12, 2005

An l.m.s. contest for Howard Dean!

Dean got the nod as the DNC chair today, and it's a good choice. What else could the Dems do? If nothing else, Dean is a fighter, and I think his straight-talking will play well to the media, even if it may have hurt him in the primaries. People respect that, even if they don't agree with his political beliefs.

Now, naturally, the media's already pointing to the Scream, and of course the RNC will go after him with both barrels. However, I remember many instances of Bush sulking, whining, and generally acting like a four-year old kid that would be a perfect counterpoint to the manufactured media attacks against Dean.

So, here's the contest:

In the comments, please send me a link to any movie/Flash animation showing any Republican in the most humiliating light possible. The person who sends the link I find the best (judging on humor and humilation potential) will get a shout-out and a bookmark, plus recognition on a Kos diary that I'll do. I'll close entries tomorrow night, say 9 PM EST, reserving the right to extend it.

Thanks in advance!

And thanks for not pointing out that I could Google this myself if I wasn't a lazy bastard.