Feb 28, 2006

Odds and sods...

* Word of advice: if you're getting your teeth pulled, go for the general anesthetic. I just had the novocaine and it was really uncomfortable, but was worse than the discomfort was the disgusting sawing, drilling, and cracking noises. At least it wasn't a prostate exam.

* New toys from Apple! Yayyyy! The Intel-based Mac mini is a strong candidate for my replacement system, whenever I get it, but what seemed strange to me was the iPod Hi-Fi. A dedicated iPod stereo dock for $349 doesn't seem like a huge seller to me. But then again, Steve Jobs is a billionaire, and I'm not.

* So this Wired columnist thinks that Starbucks' self-heating latte tastes like canned hummingbird vomit. That's still a step up from the office coffee at my last job.

* When a neutron star meets a gas cloud. Wasn't this a Neil Diamond song?