Nov 6, 2005

Elmo knows your name...and WHERE YOU LIVE!!!

Since I'm childless, I can enjoy the articles about popular hard-to-get Christmas presents without the skullcrushing pressure of actually obtaining them. One of the hot gifts this year is the "Knows Your Name" Elmo, a version of the Sesame Street character which actually speaks the child's name as it is being opened.

Not quite sure how the personalization occurs over the counter (I think it's via a USB port), but Toys 'R' Us has a personalization page for online purchases. Since the name is typed in on the page, I wonder if I can get one for my imaginary nephew "Fuckin' Shithead".

And in the great tradition of Furby hacking, I bet we'll see codes for new phrases on Slashdot any day now. Nevsky suggested a good one: "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave..."