Jul 29, 2005

Tackling an origami project.

I was lax in updating the blog this week, but I've been much...um, laxer, with origami over the past few months. I was looking over my origami workspace recently (yes, I have an origami workspace) and thought it'd be fun to chronicle a complicated project. So I've decided to take a stab at a model I've never been able to complete: Tom Hull's five intersecting tetrahedra.

Like a lot of modular origami projects, the difficulty in this one isn't in the folding, it's in the construction. My previous attempt ended with the tetrahedral frames falling apart as I tried to weave them together. I thought of two different strategies that might help this time around:

Glue. Lots of it. With sturdy construction (except for one point for leaving the frames open until they've been woven) I hopefully can figure out how to put them together.

Paper type. Sometimes with modulars you have to get very rough with the pieces before they'll fit. I was thinking of trying different paper types, see if there were types that were more tear-resistant, so I have more leeway when "weaving" the frames.

Anyway, any insights or frustrations, I'll post and hopefully anyone who's done this model before can post similar insights/frustrations in the comments before I become inarticulate with origami-induced frustration.